White water shader in game

Here is a video of the White Water shader in game. It was used on the Kayak event for the London 2012 Olympics game.

Muscle Jiggle - Havok cloth physics

Here is an old clip from some R&D work that was done for the 2012 London Olympics game. I used Havok Cloth physics in order to produce the secondary animations. The movement is subtle but give the character a more natural and soft body feel to the muscles. This was all rendered in real time and a version from this prototype did end up in the final game.

I'm currently working for

The most recently released project is

It was release just before Christmas 2012, you can find it here on the app store

I had the pleasure of building all the characters in the game. The project had a very quick development time building off the back of Epoch.

Here is the trailer for the game

Next Adventure

So about a month ago I was made redundant from Sega Studios Australia. I'm currently in the process of relocating back to Canberra to work on updating this blog with some new content.

A story from the lay off is here


Pretty sad ending to the job, after six and a half years, but that kind of thing happens in the current economy.

Looking forward to new things!

London Olympics 2012

Yay, they've finally announced the game I'm working on as well as the re-branding of the studio.

Here's a few links

Kotaku's story on the announcement
Sega Studio Australia new website

Hopefully I'll be able to post some more examples of shaders that I've been working on for this project soon.

Eye Shader Update

Here is an update of the Eye Shader work. This video was captured out of the 3DSMax viewport and built using Shader FX.

Something from Medieval 2

I found this going through some files. It's an animation that I did for Medieval 2 Total War. The main pendulum was key framed and the rope was simulated using Havok Reactor. The simulation data was then baked down onto bones in order for it to work in the game engine. The same technique was used for all the walls, towers and siege engine destruction animations.

Higher quality water shader videos

I've uploaded some higher quality version of those water shader videos. You can download them using the following links.

White-water Shader

This shader was built off the other water shader. Except refraction and caustics were removed. A White-water texture was then added to the shader. The RGB channels of the texture are then displayed on the mesh when the artist paints the appropriate vertex colours. Each white water channel can have it's speeds changed independently of each other.

Water Shader

Real-time water shader I developed using Shader FX for some water R&D